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Inspection has GPs in the firing line…Again.

Oh the poor NHS, seems like the old girl can’t catch a break these days with yet another report out highlighting failures in the healthcare system. This time it’s GP surgeries that are in the firing line.

Ahead of next year’s launch of the GP inspection regime, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) rolled out an inspection of 900 GP surgeries across the UK. What they found was definitely not what the doctor ordered.



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Would you put your life in the hands of a robot?

Imagine a surgeon so skilled and dexterous that they could perform surgery with the smallest of incisions allowing you to be up and about just 24 hours after your operation.

Well these fabled super surgeons are already a reality. They go by the name of da Vinci, have 360 degree rotations in their wrists, four arms and did I mention they are robots? The ultimate in efficient and effective 21st century healthcare. Compared to a potentially fallible human hand, the…


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After-care goes social

In the words of a certain group of Liverpudlian lads, “I get by with a little help from my friends”. And the help of friends and family is never needed more than when you are ill.

In the aftermath of a diagnosis or in recovering from treatment, after-care often becomes an after-thought and many find themselves overwhelmed and feeling alone unable to reach out for support.

But as it turns out the internet is there to lend a helping hand too. With a huge number of internet…


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Bieber Fever: Mining Twitter for the next big outbreak

The monitoring and mapping of health related search terms is not new: Google Flu…


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From depression to breast cancer – would you want to know?

From postnatal depression...

This week, researchers from the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire announced that they had identified two genetic variations in pregnant women that are linked to a 5 times greater risk of postnatal depression (PND). They now believe a first-of-its-kind blood test to identify these genes could be available to the general public in 5 years time. Given that PND is a preventable condition which affects 1 in 7 mothers,…


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Men's Health Week 2013: Let's talk about it

Led by the Men’s Health Forum (MHF), this year’s Men’s Health Week (10-16 June 2013) aimed to tackle the stigma of mental health and promote mental well-being in men.

Despite men and women experiencing mental health problems in roughly equal numbers, the campaign highlighted that men are MUCH LESS likely to seek treatment for depression or similar problems – and the consequences are fatal. Statistics reveal the…


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Does Your Doctor Tweet?


Last month’s Annals of Internal Medicine offered up some sound advice from the American College of Physicians and the U.S. Federation of State Medical Boards in regards to physicians and their use of…


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Facebook Physicians?

As social media and mobile communication continues to become more popular, doctors and other medical professionals are confronting new challenges from patients who expect to always be connected to their caregivers. Should doctors be Facebook “friends” with their patients, be tweeting health tips and texting or emailing their clients? What are the privacy, ethical and medical implications of such interactions?

For the first time ever, the American College of Physicians (ACP) and the…


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New Study Reports Docs are Spending More Time Behind Their Computer Than In Front of Their Patient

New research released this week from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the Journal of General Internal Medicine reports that medical interns spend 12% of their time communicating with their patients and more than 40% behind a…


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The AutoDoctor will see you now...

It is estimated that up to 80 percent of modern-day commercial flights are now conducted on autopilot. This sophisticated technology is praised for making flights safer. But can and should the same really be applied to healthcare? Will we boldly go where no health technology has gone before?

Apparently a group of scientists at Maastricht University Medical Hospital have developed a model that could enable cancer patients to have their treatment course chosen by a…


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Don’t Diss the Doc

A patient was recently taught a social media lesson when he tweeted an inflammatory message about staff at his GP practice. Following a phone call with one of the practice’s receptionists, when he was apparently told that he would have to wait three months for an appointment, Mr Mat Cochrane wanted to complain to the management. He claims he was then told he should make a complaint in writing and was evidently annoyed…


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Withdrawal Symptoms Accompany Social Media Abstinence - No Surprise

This morning I saw an article in the Telegraph (it happens when you follow folks in the U.K.) discussing the results of a small social media study. Ten self-professed Facebook addicts and ten power-tweeters were asked to forgo social media for four weeks. No surprise, many of them started to tweak out a bit, stating they felt disconnected from…


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Can Mobile Apps and Digital Health Fix the PCP Shortage?

With the recent debates in health care regarding our new system, the Consumer Electronics Association and other notable sources have given thought to digital health as a solution. One of the largest conflicts that our current medical system is facing is a shortage of primary care physicians, (PCPs) . According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, by 2015, the U.S. will have 68,500 primary care physicians.

Will that be enough for our growing population? Well we’re now…


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Sharing health information online...Would you?

new study from Brigham Young University has found that while most of us go online regularly for help in diagnosing health issues, very few of us actually post information, questions or experiences on health topics.

According to the study, less than 15 percent of us post health information online – compared to 60 percent of us who go…


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Introducing: A Health-based Social Network

I may be speaking alone here, but I certainly do not remember the last series of shots I received, or the recent symptoms I had which resulted in a doctors visit. Cue in HealthKeep, a health-based social network, looking to make medical records less complicated. A recent piece in Mashable reports that HealthKeep is looking to help people organize their patient history with a timeline of symptoms, medications and…


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Twitter debate: RCGP launches social media guidelines for HCPs!

On Monday the UK’s Royal College of GPs (RCGP) launched the RCGP Social Media Highway Code, a practical guide for healthcare professionals wanting to communicate with patients through social media. The Code is a great step towards encouraging and enabling enhanced engagement with patients online. It’s exciting to see the healthcare industry embracing the…


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Who Manages Social in Healthcare 3.0 World?

In an industry where medical and scientific expertise is paramount, social media can be a challenge. While patients and the larger medical ecosystem often depend on social media in research and engagement around their health, one can’t assume that those properties are managed by MDs … and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.   

For example, more than 90 percent of hospitals are using social media according to a recent article in…


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Vote early. Vote often. Judge everything.

No doubt, we are living in a great time. On May 5th, 2013 LinkedIn will celebrate 10 years since its launch. Amazing what a difference a decade makes.  More than a few folks thought Reid Hoffman was a nut with his vision to provide a place for people to make their resumes public. Today, professionals all over the world openly share their credentials.


Fast forward to today where you don’t have to look far to find a lot of other…


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Drink Diet

It’s true. Calories are now cheaper, and exercise is more expensive. Recently, the WSJ reported that most of the world has grown fatter since the 1970s: Food prices have fallen in relation to incomes. Jobs have become less strenuous. And to top it off, people must pay to exercise.

Coke is one brand trying to live with this reality, in both digital…


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Online Hospital Ratings: Are they accurate?

According to some recent findings by Pew Research Center, covered by Kaiser Health News, Facebook and Yelp may prove as effective a tool in evaluating hospital quality as traditional means of measurement. In reviewing the Facebook and Yelp comments from hospital patients, researchers found that they aligned well with outcomes from mortality rates and…


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