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There's an App for That: The iPhone finds its place in radiology

Good article from Stephanie Twining in the latest issue of rt-image outlining the iPhone's place in the radiology suite. Stephanie details a few of her favorite radiology related apps including:

- OstriX, the open-source DICOM viewer app for looking at X-rays, ultrasounds, CT, and MR images – even reconstructing 3-D images and manipulating them

- Merge Mobile app, which enables radiologists to view cases and, when necessary, forward critical findings directly and securely to a… Continue

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Twitter used to publicize health issues

There was an interesting story from about the use of social media in Europe, and how Twitter is being used to publicize health issues. Here is a quick excerpt:

Twitter has is being increasing employed in a serious attempt to distribute information. News organizations have been using the service for some time. There is barely any news network in the world without a twitter feed and many companies actively encourage anchors and staff to tweet. But now even health… Continue

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Twitter to Keep Patients Informed

There has been much debate recently about the value of Twitter. Sure there are those that abuse the opportunity to share with the world mindless chatter. USA Today put together a great blog post about how the health care community is adopting Twitter. Read more at

What are your thoughts?

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Online patient communities receive another boost

The NYT today reported on the growing trend toward patient communities as a means of transforming medical research. Communities like PatientsLikeMe have been increasing in popularity, especially amongst those patients with rather rare diseases for which minimal research is available. Of course, privacy still remains a major issue for online patient data sharing, but with some kinks worked out, online patient communities have the potential to accelerate clinical trials and increase medical… Continue

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Featured BWExchange & Health Care 3.0 Member: Ben Haber

Ben Haber has been featured as the Business Exchange (via BusinessWeek) and Health Care 3.0 user of the week. You can see Ben on the Business Exchange homepage:

Added by Palmer Reuther on August 20, 2009 at 3:17pm — 1 Comment

Preparing For H1N1 and the 2009 Flu Season

Here's the latest post from the Ozmosis Blog:

As the influenza season approaches, our focus has turned to the Southern Hemisphere to learn how they weathered their first wave of the pandemic H1N1 Influenza virus. On Ozmosis, physicians have been following regular tactical reports on H1N1's impact from Dr. James Wilson,… Continue

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Health insurers use social networks to keep their reps intact

Today the WSJ Health Blog reported that health insurers are beginning to monitor social networks such as Twitter and Facebook in order to see what patients are saying about their companies. They especially want to monitor negative comments made in the digital sphere, and do what they can to interact with patients in a positive manner and build their brands. While some of these companies have Twitter handles, based on the number of followers and tweets, they are quite inactive.

Do you… Continue

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White House using social media to debunk 'myths' about healthcare reform

The Obama administration has launched a Web page called Health Insurance Reform: Reality Check that disputes popular criticisms of the new policies. The contains video testimony from advisers and experts.

The Los Angeles Times writes:

The White House… Continue

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Feeling under the weather? Chat it up online with your physician!

A few days late but nonetheless interesting, the WSJ reports on physicians who are currently avialable for live chats through insurance company websites.

"Insurers Aetna and Cigna are covering digital consultations conducted at In what Atlanta-based RelayHealth calls a webVisit, patients answer detailed written questions about their symptoms and a report is sent to the doctor. The… Continue

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The Health Uprising: A Revolution is Coming

An excellent article from Jim Lefevere at highlights the inevitable movement to social media platforms by healthcare executives, physicians and patients.

I think the most important statement in his article is that "the leaders of this new revolution are you, me and your neighbor," aka the patient. While health care companies, hospitals and physicians will… Continue

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Patients gain peace of mind with new pacemaker wireless monitoring system

Although the headline is a bit misleading (pacemaker actually does have wires!), Reuters just reported this morning on the first patient to be implanted with a pacemaker that has a wireless home monitoring system. The wireless system has the ability to transmit critical information to an MD via the Internet at any time of day. The goal of the system is to give patients increased freedom, and peace of mind, knowing that if their pacemaker malfunctioned, their doctor would learn of it at that… Continue

Added by Jackie Hanley on August 10, 2009 at 10:02am — 2 Comments

Power of Mobile Video: Town Hall Violence about Health Care Reform

The topic of health care reform has drawn the ire of republicans and democrats alike but tensions turned violent in Tampa as Rep. Kathy Castor was introduced a town hall meeting. A link to the raw footage can be seen here.

From the YouTube description: As Rep. Kathy Castor was introduced, the reaction was overwhelmingly against her, with boos and… Continue

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Media Influence on Patient Choice

It’s no secret that health care is a hot topic right now. Combine the debate over the reform bill and the growing demand of quality care, and there are many opportunities for hospitals to reach out to an audience craving more information.

This past spring, Ad-ology released a report on what media most influence patients. Researchers surveyed the nearly 41 million U.S. adults who visited a hospital or urgent care center recently. The findings from this report can help hospitals decide… Continue

Added by James Hodgins on August 6, 2009 at 2:22pm — 2 Comments

Social Media and Healthcare: Do you think we'll be charged?

Courtney Spencer from the Boston Social Media Examiner says social media and healthcare are the two most debated topics, stating "social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and even Second Life are allowing patients access to more information on health than ever. "

It truly is an interesting phenomenon. The merging of… Continue

Added by Brittany McLaughlin on August 6, 2009 at 11:36am — 2 Comments

Dallas-Fort Worth hospitals turn to social networking sites to educate, market services

In the last year, a growing number of hospitals have discovered social media and they’re using it to educate the public, market their services and address health issues, according to the Star-Telegram. Doctors and patients are blogging about their experiences, hospitals are uploading videos of surgeries, and nurses are tweeting from the operating room. Nationwide, nearly 300 hospitals use social media sites, but… Continue

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Health Insurance Company “Harnesses” Social Media to Interact with Members

In today’s news, Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Missouri announced that they have “harnessed” the power of social media in order to better communicate with their members. The company has begun developing Twitter, Facebook and YouTube programs to react to member queries about their healthcare benefits.

I think it will be interesting… Continue

Added by Brittany McLaughlin on August 4, 2009 at 10:57am — No Comments

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