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September 2010 Blog Posts (14)

Information Overload: Are You Excited or Overwhelmed?

While reading through CMIO magazine last night, an editorial by Dr. William Bria jumped off the page. The headline, 'Always Connected' vs. 'Overwhelmed." He writes about how there's so much excitement in the world over how doctors will be able to access an endless amount of data, such as EMRs, using smartphones, iPads, and other electronic devices. But he says the one issue that is overlooked is... the…


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The e-Patient Movement

Thanks to the internet and social media, patients are more empowered than ever before, learning about their ailments and afflictions and connecting with others to share their experiences. While it’s important to educate yourself and be your own biggest advocate, it can pose a problem when a patient believes they are more knowledgeable than their physician who…


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There's an app for that: Controlling your wheelchair with your iPhone

There is definitely an app for everything. Dynamic Controls has launched an iPhone app that will let users control their wheel chair with the device. Can't wait to see what someone comes out with next! Make sure to view the video of the app too.

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Mobile Health Becoming a Reality

Following the widespread coverage last month of the iStethoscope, an iPhone app that allows the user to record their heartbeat and send the results to a specialists, it seems that mobile health is becoming a reality.

As this BBC article…


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Roche leads the way?

I was entertained by the team at Roche and their efforts to embrace social media in a responsible, yet dynamic fashion. The active recruitment of social media scouts from within the organisation has been a success to date.

From the article:

“Even if you are not an official online…


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The world's most influential doctors...according to Twitter!

A site called updates hourly the influence of doctors tweeting based on their activity (including retweets and followers). Currently, there are 1287 doctors and more are joining the site everyday. The site began the list at the end of July and boasts doctors from around the globe including Australia, Belgium, India, UK, Jamaica, Japan, Colombia and the U.S.

Here is a quick preview of the top 3 most influential doctors on Twitter as of…

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Man Live Tweets His Own Heart Attack

Yet another person has used Twitter during a health event. Watch the latest story on by CNN reporter Jeannie Moos this morning: Jeannie Moos: Tommy Christopher tweeted about his own heart attack, as it was happening. His only regret is that he wasn't wittier. Tommy, 42, is a political reporter for the Web site:…


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New Survey Shows High Demand for Medical Mobile Apps

This week PricewaterhouseCoopers released results of a new survey which revealed that that, "one-third of Americans would be willing to use their cell phone to track

health information, and about 40 percent said they'd pay for a mobile

phone app that let them refill prescriptions, provided access to health

records or nagged them to take their meds." The survey was completed by 2,000 consumers and 1,000 physicians.… Continue

Added by Molly Galler on September 9, 2010 at 3:52pm — 1 Comment

Medical Professionalism in the Digital Age?

A recent study examined how medical undergraduate students view professionalism since the majority of these people have social networking accounts and an active online presence. The study found

that students view professionalism as relevant in a clinical and university

setting, as well as a virtual setting. Students also perceive society as having

difficulty differentiating a physician’s public life…


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Roche Ahead in the Pharma Social Media Game

Roche recently posted its social media guidance on its corporate website to rave reviews from the online pharma community. The rules in the guidance… Continue

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Is Your Heart-Attack Your Doctor's Next Tweet?

We all love to tweet about what's going on in our lives - sometimes the good, sometimes the bad. But if you were having a serious medical condition, would you want your doctor to tweet about you?

According to a recent study conducted by The Medical Protection Journal, there has been a series of privacy infringements by…

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Social Media Policy for Physicians Coming Soon!

Yet again there's another article this morning addressing a big issue among medical professionals: Now that social media is making it easier than ever for patients and physicians to connect outside the exam room, doctors face new questions about how to conduct themselves in these new spaces. Soon there will be some guidelines.

In November, The American Medical Association Council on Ethical and Judicial…


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So Long Stethoscope?

Say it isn't so. Will the iPhone really replace the stethoscope? According to this story, doctors are ditching their trusty stethoscopes in favor of smartphones to monitor their patients' heartbeats.

A researcher from University College London has created an iPhone app—which has already been downloaded more than 3 million times—that turns the device into a stethoscope. A…


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Can Social Media Improve Your Health?

Social media isn’t only a useful tool within PR or marketing disciplines, it can also be the first port of call for someone taking the

management of their health into their own hands.

There are numerous websites, social networks, micro blogs, etc. that…


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