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And the Survey Says: Medical Device Companies are Still Missing the Social Media Boat

A recent survey from BVMed found 70% of medical device companies are not active in their use of social media. The survey also found that over two-thirds of the companies have no defined social media strategy and 37% don’t even use a single social media Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn...nothing...It's worth noting that the survey data was compiled from 89 of its members.  Certainly a microcosm, but the findings are fairly universal.


Most companies cited a…


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The Full Scope of HCSM


This is a great article that explores the many ways that patients can use social media in a wide range of ways – symptom research, physician location, support. It also touches on sites that help to pair patients with clinical trials they might not have found otherwise. Long gone are the days of a simple WebMD search to find out what that lingering headache may be.…


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Doctor's Wary of Social Media

The following looks at the reasons why physicians are wary of social media as well as how some of the more progressive are using tools like Facebook, Twitter and the like to engage with their patients. In a recent presentation to our Company, Kevin Pho of…


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Assessment of Healthcare's Use of Social Media - Room for innovation

The following article looks into how healthcare organizations are using social media. While many hospitals have joined the fray, using a myriad of channels, they reported use still seems to be at a basic level, with many just focusing on pushing out content, as opposed to creating engagement. Should be interesting to see if this trend starts to shift in 2011 as more and more become…


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Keeping Perspective - it's what you're saying that really matters.

The following HealthLeaders article is a nice reminder of the importance of focusing first on what your message is and then on what channels will work best for disseminating that mesage. Although, they do note that it's nearly impossible these days to avoid some sort of digital connection!…


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CDC Launches Social Media Toolkit, And It's a Must Read

I must say, I am quite impressed with the CDC's social media toolkit guide for health care communicators. It's extremely comprehensive and provides new and veteran users of social media with a good road map to get started in integrating the right digital tools into their overall communications strategy.

The guide covers everything from social networks to mobile apps to eCards… Continue

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Health Care Reform Passes--Now Let's Start Health Care Innovation

This article today in BusinessWeek lays out some good ideas on what the US needs to do with health care now that reform has been passed. Whether or not you agree with the reform bill, you have to admit that these ideas involving social media are seemingly so simply yet so impactful.

According to Bruce Nussbaum, US health care needs two things:

1.) platform innovation… Continue

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