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Withdrawal Symptoms Accompany Social Media Abstinence - No Surprise

This morning I saw an article in the Telegraph (it happens when you follow folks in the U.K.) discussing the results of a small social media study. Ten self-professed Facebook addicts and ten power-tweeters were asked to forgo social media for four weeks. No surprise, many of them started to tweak out a bit, stating they felt disconnected from…


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Sharing health information online...Would you?

new study from Brigham Young University has found that while most of us go online regularly for help in diagnosing health issues, very few of us actually post information, questions or experiences on health topics.

According to the study, less than 15 percent of us post health information online – compared to 60 percent of us who go…


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Twitter debate: RCGP launches social media guidelines for HCPs!

On Monday the UK’s Royal College of GPs (RCGP) launched the RCGP Social Media Highway Code, a practical guide for healthcare professionals wanting to communicate with patients through social media. The Code is a great step towards encouraging and enabling enhanced engagement with patients online. It’s exciting to see the healthcare industry embracing the…


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Who Manages Social in Healthcare 3.0 World?

In an industry where medical and scientific expertise is paramount, social media can be a challenge. While patients and the larger medical ecosystem often depend on social media in research and engagement around their health, one can’t assume that those properties are managed by MDs … and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.   

For example, more than 90 percent of hospitals are using social media according to a recent article in…


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Online Hospital Ratings: Are they accurate?

According to some recent findings by Pew Research Center, covered by Kaiser Health News, Facebook and Yelp may prove as effective a tool in evaluating hospital quality as traditional means of measurement. In reviewing the Facebook and Yelp comments from hospital patients, researchers found that they aligned well with outcomes from mortality rates and…


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How Can We Avoid Healthcare Social Media Catastrophes?

On Friday, Abigail Phillips of Global Healthcare ( gave some tips about how to manage social media strategy to avoid PR mistakes and to build a positive online reputation for healthcare executives all over the globe. Some key insights include understanding that the patient is now the media, the need for positive doctor/patient communication, and that content…


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Want to connect with your doc online? Here's three different ways (that are HIPAA compliant!)


The Pew Internet & American Life Project's “Health Online 2013” survey found roughly 70-75% of Internet users aged 18-64 search online for health information, as do 58% of Internet users aged 65 and over.

Today, our docs are feeling the pressure to connect with us online but HIPAA can get in the way with our traditional online efforts. Mashable discusses three ways to take advantage of…


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Could Granulation be Key to MD Adoption of Social Media?

By Palmer Reuther


In this article by mHIMSS Editor Eric Wicklund, the subject of physician adoption of social media, or lack thereof, is discussed. It's an interesting topic and points to a trend that I believe we'll see more of in the near future. For physicians, time is valuable and free time is fleeting which explains one of the main reasons why physicians have not generally…


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New social media guidelines for medical professionals in the UK

The Royal College of General Practitioners has published the first version of its social media guidelines for UK medical professionals. The 'Social Media Highway Code' was first issued on 27th September along with a request for feedback, appropriately enough, on…


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A Social Network… For Your Cells?

Today, Fast Company described new research from scientists who have found a way to utilize DNA to send huge amounts of data between cells. Essentially, this allows them the ability to have one cell give instructions to another.

Now, like we use the Internet and social networks to communicate with one another, scientists could someday “hack” cells to do the same thing.…


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Doctor Who?

The use of social media channels is rapidly on the increase in many areas of the healthcare sector, not least for the recruitment of healthcare professionals.


Aside from being a place to share the latest news, or rant about the latest news, Twitter has also become a means of recruitment for organisations all over the world who often have specially dedicated HR Twitter handles. Recruitment agencies also often have specific accounts to advertise vacancies to possible candidates…


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In Response to the New York Times and Rosie O'Donnell: Chew Aspirin.


Rosie O’Donnell described her heart attack on blog, saying she felt an ache in her chest and soreness in her arms, followed by nausea and a “clammy” feeling. She took an aspirin and decided against calling 911. The next day she went to a hospital, where she learned one of her coronary arteries was 99 percent blocked, requiring a stent.

As the daughter of a heart…


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The Personalization of Med-Tech

Picture this. You’re showering and feel an irregular lump somewhere on your body. A lifetime of public service announcements tells you that you should see a doctor. But, your own fear keeps you from making that phone call. Instead of getting it checked out, you let the idea of what it could be become your life.

What if you didn’t need to make that frightening trip to the doctor’s office? What if, instead, you could slip on a glove that could immediately give yourself an accurate…


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iRounds: A Social Network for Second Opinions

Today, Mashable discussed a new social network for doctors which allows physician-peers to connect and discuss cases, problems and patients in a safe community setting.

iRounds, the aforementioned social network, describes themselves like this:…


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The Healthier Side of Social Networking

Yesterday, Facebook unveiled a new initiative, aimed at encouraging Facebook users to advertise their organ donor status on their Timeline.

The move is in an attempt to increase awareness regarding the immense need for organ donors. “Many of those people — an average of…


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Will Augmented Reality Change the Face of Health Care?

On Wednesday Google teased a new video for Project Glass, an application that allows users to experience augmented reality through glasses. While the video (below) focuses on the day to day functionality of the device, there are important implications of the glasses in health care as well.

Imagine a doctor walking in to patient’s room. Instead of picking up a chart to read his medical history or looking at a screen to check his vitals, the doctor engages an application in augmented…


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A Pinteresting Proposition

Pinterest recently hit 10 million U.S. unique visitors monthly, and they did it faster than any other social media site. As a result, this virtual pinboarding community has quickly become one of the most talked…


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How #HIMSS12 is Going Social

With HIMSS 2012 in full swing, it’s been interesting to watch the conferences’ efforts to become integrated with social media. Whether you’re attending the conference in person, or following along from your…


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Health Care Social Media – How to Engage Online Without Getting into Trouble

I have been asked to write up some of the core takeaways from the health care social media presentations I have been giving recently, so I am sharing a version of this narrative on HealthBlawg, in two parts.…


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Physicians and Patients, Take Care with Facebook

As HealthLeaders Media reports today, The American College of Physicians this week issued a sixth edition of its ethics manual, the first rewrite since 2005. Among other changes, it tackles the role of social media and its impact on the physician-patient relationship. Use of, and interaction on, Twitter and Facebook must be weighed carefully because while they have the potential to help…


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