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Health Care Trends With a Social Media Twist

With HIMSS 2012 in full swing, it’s been interesting to watch the conferences’ efforts to become integrated with social media. Whether you’re attending the conference in person, or following along from your desk, this social strategy makes it easy to stay engaged with the HIMSS community.

Here’s how HIMSS is working with social media:

  • Twitter: With a conference-specific hashtag (#HIMSS12), HIMSS is utilizing Twitter to inform attendees of new speakers, breaking news and resources. This hashtag also allows people not at the conference to follow along and join in the conversation happening online.
  • Facebook: HIMSS is utilizing Facebook as another tool to keep conference attendees notified of the latest news and as a sort of “networking center.” By inviting attendees to put “faces to their virtual and social connections” and then share their stories on Facebook, HIMSS is encouraging users to engage both on and offline while at the conference this week.
  • LinkedIn: On LinkedIn, HIMSS attendees can start discussions and conversations in a more in-depth setting. This provides yet another outlet for professionals at HIMSS to connect and engage with one another before, during and after the conference.
  • YouTube: By uploading webinars about how to prepare for HIMSS 2012, HIMSS utilized YouTube as a way to engage with conference attendees before they ever got to Las Vegas. It would also make sense for HIMSS to put up videos of interesting seminars and educational sessions throughout the course of the conference, although they have yet to utilize that functionality.

Additionally, HIMSS is working to bring social media to life with a dedicated Social Media Center at the conference. The Center will allow attendees to learn more about social media implications in healthcare by networking with social media and blogging experts, tweet directly from dedicated kiosks, and watch the #HIMSS12 stream live on Twitter-focused screens.

Are you at HIMSS this week or following along remotely? If so, how have you used social media to stay engaged with the conference?

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