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Health Care Trends With a Social Media Twist

This morning several members of the Health Care 3.0 community attended an interactive panel, Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Health Care Communications with some great speakers (Kevin Pho, MD, Ashley Serotta from Sermo, and Barry Chaiken, CMO of Imprivata.  You can view a full account of all Twitter activity by looking at the feed for #rpgsm from this morning.

Some of the points that resonated most for me were:

  • We're still in the wild west for social media as a communications tool for patients and physicians.  The payment structure isn't there, support from physician extenders isn't there and there is so much ambiguity about accountability.
  • Physicians are already using social-based tools to communicate with each other, but there is debate as to if this should be national or regional in focus.
  • Micro-segmentation will be critical when it comes to defining best practices and aggregating content for specialties of medicine.  However, I feel that when people come out of their silos is when some of the best innovations occur.
  • Navigating the issues surrounding off-label use of drugs/devices will be a major issue for medical device and pharmaceutical companies.  It will be important to listen to what is said, but action against what is heard would be difficult.

What are your key takeaways?

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