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Teens "Like" Drinking, Smoking & Drugs, Especially Those on Facebook

By Palmer Reuther


@debkotz2, a staff writer for The Boston Globe, covered a survey from Columbia University’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse revealing that teens using social networking sites like Facebook were 5x as likely to smoke, 3x as likely to drink alcohol, and 2x as likely to use marijuana as those who don't.


Why you ask? Because when teens see pics of friends doing bad stuff, they too want to do bad stuff.
"Hanging with drinkers, smokers, and drug users in the social networking world -- as well as the real one -- may mean teens are more likely to follow the habits of these friends," said @debkotz2, referring to survey conclusions.

Her article goes on to say that, "the trouble is, most parents aren’t aware of what their child is seeing on these sites. More than 85 percent of those who responded in the survey said “spending time on social networking sites does not make it more likely that their child will drink alcohol” or use drugs.


Thanks, Columbia researchers, for confirming long-held suspicions that teens are impressionable, prone to risky behavior and that parents remain clueless of their activity. It's just that today, it's happening on the dark and dangerous world wide web.


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